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W&H Alegra TE-98 LQ (LED)

Alegra high speed turbine (dental drill) handpiece from W&H, world renowned for reliability, will enhance and provide optimal view during procedures with self generating LED illumination provided by the RQ - 54 Coupling.

Perfect positioning of the LED on the turbine head of the Alegra handpiece guarantees optimal view and illumination of the treatment site.

The RQ - 54 generator enables it to be used on a standard dental unit without using any additional power supply or having any extra costs of installation.

The price includes the LED swivel coupling to fit directly on standard 4 hole connection.

Alegra dental turbine handpieces with LED light offers the highest quality due to their precision manufacture. The ceramic ball bearings in the Alegra dental turbine handpieces guarantee vibration-free and quiet operation and ensure an extremely long service life.

Very efficient triple spray coolant to help prevent overheating and clear debris more effectively.

  • Powerful and reliable performance
  • Ceramic bearings, extending service
  • Triple coolant spray outlets
  • Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable
  • Hygienic head system, re-suction stop
  • Supplied with W&H RQ-54 Coupling
For use with FG bursØ 1.6 mm
Power18 Watt
Head SizeØ 12.2 mm
Speed330,000 rpm

Product Documentation

The following documents offer more information about the W&H Alegra TE-98 LQ (LED). Please download a copy for your reference.