Modern MD-4CA-L1 Contra Angle RA Latch
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Modern MD-4CA-L1 Contra Angle RA Latch

MD Contra Angle RA380x380

Modern Low Speed Handpiece E-type Contra Angle fits directly to your low speed handpiece (E-Fitting motor). Low Speed Max 20,000rpm
Ra Head fitting for use with RA cups or brushes which are retained in once inserted by the latch at the rear of the head assembly.

  • E-type Contra Angle
  • 2.35mm RA fitting
  • Autoclavable 135°C·
  • Sleek Finish
  • New Range
  • Special Introductory Offer

Product Documentation

The following documents offer more information about the Modern MD-4CA-L1 Contra Angle RA Latch. Please download a copy for your reference.