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U6 Dental Scaler LED and None LED

Woodpecker U-6 Scaler

The latest Piezo scaler by Woodpecker, the U-6 focuses on patient comfort with its intelligent power output to minimize patient discomfort and increase efficiency.The U-6 integrates supragingival scaling, subgingival scaling and endodontic treatment into a whole.Microprocessor control and automatic frequency tracking enable more stable performance, with smart touch system make it easier to operate. U-6 has 3 settings, General Scaling, Endo and Perio Functions. Designed to be fitted to an independent water supply.

Available in both LED and NON LED versions please select required version.

  • Available in both LED and Non LED
  • Intelligent power output for stable performance
  • Durable metal handpiece, Torque wrench (Tip tool)
  • Smart touchscreen waterproof interactive panel
  • 7 Tips included: 1 x G4, 1 x G12, 1 x P1, 1 x P3, 1 x P8, 2 x E62
Main Unit Input24v50hz
Power supply220 - 240V
Main Unit Weight628g
Dimensions175mm x 144mm x 77mm
Working Frequency28KHZ +/- 3KHZ