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Size required in set of three: Please select the set of three required, each set contains one of each size in set selected.

60mm Hedstroem or H Files Sets of Three

H files photo

Veterinary length (60mm) Hedstroem Files for endodontic root canal procedures should be used in a wet canal to cut most effectively and become less effective after each use, Ideally they should only be used once and then discarded. In reality they are generally used repeatedly and as a rule of thumb, small sizes (less than #20) should not be used more than 2 times. Larger sizes (#25 and up) should not be used more than 4 times. To test a file’s effectiveness, examine it with a good light and a magnifying glass. Look for distorted areas, flutes too close or too far apart, kinks, defective or broken tips and corrosion. To test effectiveness, draw the file across your fingernail and shavings should be produced. If in doubt, or if a file becomes damaged during a procedure, discard it. Build in the cost of new files into each endodontic procedure.

Both H (Hedstroem) files and K-files may be used for the same application and using a filing action (no rotation). K-files are more flexible and forgiving for very curved root canals, and H-Files are generally used for straighter root canals. K-reamers have less turns on the active part than K files and are used in a rotating motion.

  • Outstanding Flexibility
  • High torsional Strength
  • Handles Numbered and ISO Colour Coded
  • Available either in sets of three or individually
Veterinary Length60mm overall length working length 30mm
Sizes AvailableISO standard sizes 15#-110#