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Absorbable Haemostatic Gelatin Sponge USP

Curaspon Haemostactic Gelatin Sponge

Based on highly purified pH neutral pharmaceutical gelatin. Gamma sterilised, single-use, 10 x 10 x 10mm, individually blister packed, 2 PE tubs of 30 units per carton. This sponge reduces bleeding after tooth extraction.

Curaspon may be used in practically all forms of surgery procedures. lt is particularly advantageous where a venous or diffuse oozing haemorrhage can not be controlled by traditional means. When Curaspon is applied to bleeding skin surfaces; it completely liquefies within 3 to 5 days. When Curaspon is implanted into the organism, it is completely absorbed in approximately 3 to 4 weeks. Reports have shown no abnormalities of the product, and no complaints relating to any contamination of the product were received whatsoever.

Curaspon gelatine sponges have a porous structure which activates the thrombocytes at the moment blood comes in contact with the matrix of the sponge. This causes the thrombocytes to release a series of substances which promote their aggregation at the same time as their surfaces change character, thus enabling them to act as a catalyst for the formation of the fibrin.

Curaspon is applicable dry or moistened with sterile physiological saline squeezed out before application. Press Curaspon against the bleeding site. In a short time it will adhere to the wound and control bleeding.

  • Gamma sterilised, single-use
  • individually blister packed
  • 2 PE tubs of 30 units per pack
  • 10 x 10 x 10mm

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