Vet Pro-S Dental Unit, DISCONTINUED New DCI Range in Stock Now!
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Option A Compressed Air Mobile Dental Unit Only. Option B Suppplied with High Speed, Low Speed Air Motor and Prophy Angle. Option C Includes the Incorporation of an Electrical Dental Scaler to utilise the Compressed Air foot control and pressurised water supply.

Vet Pro-S Dental Unit, DISCONTINUED New DCI Range in Stock Now!

Vet Pro S compressed air dental unit photo

The PRO-S Dental Handpiece Control Unit is designed to deliver air and water supplies to power dental handpieces and the syringe spray. The PRO-S has three handpiece tubings each connected to its own control block when each handpiece is removed from its holder the PRO-S automatically routes air and water supplies to it.

The flow rates are pre set by the operator to match the handpiece and operators needs and the requirement of the handpiece selected. The control valves and switches are mounted under the front edge of the PRO-S control head easily acccessible yet concealed preventing ingress of bacteria and debris.

The PRO-S control unit is mounted on a mobile cart frame.The front castors have brakes to protect against accidental movement and the cart has a height adjustment facility to ensure a comfortable working position, also providing additional storage options.

Supplied with high quality NSK handpieces as standard on options B or C.

  • Automated Switching
  • 3 Outlet+3in1 Syringe
  • Mobile Cart Base
  • Water Oulet for scaler
  • Silent Air Compressor
  • Water Purge System
  • Inline Copper Filtration
  • 3 Year Parts Warranty

Product Documentation

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