Modern HSTH-4 TI High Speed Turbine
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Modern HSTH-4 TI High Speed Turbine

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Modern HSTH-4 TI High Speed Turbine has Precision-balanced cartridge with bearings to reach high accuracy,Ultra-precision bearing are used to enable the handpiece to operate quietly and increases durability. The titanium lightweight body also improves durability which creates a smooth and scratch resistant surface for a comfortable grip. The push button chuck provides tension to the bur grip during rotation and allows one-touch bur insertion and removal without the need for tools. With the added benefit of quattro water spray to ensure both the tooth and cutting bur remain cool throughout sectioning.

  • Push Button Chuck
  • Quattro Water Spray
  • Autoclavable 135 °C
  • Ultra Precision Bearings
  • Solid Titanium
  • New Economy Range
Speed rpm320,000~350,000
Retention Power30N

Product Documentation

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