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60mm Long K-reamers Individual Sizes

These 60mm long K-reamers are for root canal treatment in veterinary, to clean and shape the root canal. Both H (Hedstroem) files and K-files may be used for the same application and using a filing action (no rotation). K-files are more flexible and forgiving for very curved root canals, and H-Files are generally used for straighter root canals. K-reamers have less turns on the active part than K files and are used in a rotating motion. Available in sets of three or idividually.

  • a photo of the 60mm Long K-reamers Individual Sizes
  • a photo of the 60mm Long K-reamers Individual Sizes
  •  Stainless steel
  •  Triangular cross-section
  •  Precision handling
  •  Flexible Shank
Veterinary Length60mm Overall Length, 30mm Working Length
ISO Standard Sizes15-140
£9.22 + VAT

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