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Dental Scaler Tips and Inserts

A full range of Sonic, Ultrasonic and Magnetostrictive scaler tips and inserts are available for the majority of dental scaler units in the veterinary practice. All scaler tips and inserts suffer from general wear resulting in less efficient performance and prolonged dental procedures. With a dramatic sliding scale in loss of efficiency as 1mm of wear reduces performance by 25% and 2mm of wear resulting in 50% Loss.

Vet Dental Services & Advice

  • Dental Unit Servicing & Workshop Repairs

We offer regular servicing or repairs for most types of compressed air dental operating units, dental handpieces, and electrical de-scalers and polishers / motors.

 Servicing & Repairs
  • Vet Dental Unit Safety Guides & Advice

We offer advice on all makes of veterinary dental operating units, dental handpieces and attachments, scalers, de-scalers, and electric motor units.

 Guides & Advice
  • Special Offers & Exclusive Vet Dental Discounts

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